Frequently Asked Questions

Through  you can easily proceed to an online reservation in 3 steps.

By clicking the ‘Book Now’ or ‘Request’ option at the online reservation process, you will get a successful message that the process has been completed and has been addressed to us. Your reservation will have been confirmed when you will receive the respective email from our team.

Yes, you can modify your reservation by email at or by a phone call at +30 2661030789, after it has been confirmed. Please mind that, to enable reservation modification you have to contact us at least 48 hours prior to the pickup date and time.

Yes, you can cancel your reservation under certain conditions. Please consult our cancellation policy

In order to cancel your reservation, you have to contact our team by email at or at our telephone number +30 2661030789.

Of course! Business members are welcomed. Please mind that you have to let us know that you wish to get an invoice when making your reservation.


Third-party insurance (3rd.P.I.) is included in all vehicles. In case of an accident the 3rd party insurance covers the cost of the damage you have caused to the other vehicle. For any damages caused to the rented vehicle, you are responsible.

In the event of an accident, C. D. W. (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance enables the renter to pay up to a specific amount of excess depending on the vehicle category.

You have to be over 21 years old to purchasing a car and 18-27 for motorbikes to have a valid driver’s license for at least one year.

In case of an accident, call the local police +30 2661029120 or the main office +30 2661030789.

There is no insurance coverage if the driver is under the influence of alcohol, any kind of drugs or commits any traffic violations. The driver is liable for all parking and traffic violations during the rental period. No vehicle is allowed to be driven on the sand, at the beach, in dry lakes or off-road. All vehicles are allowed to be driven on paved roads. In case of an accident a police report is required.
Please NOTE, that there is no insurance coverage for damages caused to the tires, mirrors, gearbox and inside and underside the vehicle. Also, there is no insurance coverage in case of losing the key.

Required documentation

For European citizens, you can follow the link For non-European citizens please send us your driver’s license by email.

Of course, you may proceed to a reservation without having a credit card by sending a bank deposit or cash. Please note that you will need a security deposit to rent the vehicle locally. For any inquiries do not hesitate to contact, at any time, at the following email address

A valid passport or ID card is necessary for both European and non-European citizens.

All documents have to be presented in their physical form when renting any vehicle.

You can issue your international driving license online. One of the websites that our clients use frequently is

You can proceed to a reservation if you have lost your documents with the police report of loss and the police confirmation of your personal details which are needed for renting the vehicle.

Other questions

Driving outside of CORFU territory is not recommended as you do not have any insurance coverage on the ship. Also, in case of a collision you are fully responsible for returning the vehicle at the same condition and at the agreed place and time as will have been stated on the contract. Lastly, in the event of a mechanical problem, we will not be able to assist you and you bear the same responsibilities of returning the vehicle at the agreed place and time as will have been stated on the contract. However, under special arrangements with us you can visit other places outside of corfu with a drive-everywhere vehicle.

A detailed map is given to our customers. Also, our customers can benefit from our team’s advice and tips from the island (upon request and in line with the available personnel).

You can extend your rental contract by letting us know, before its expiration. Please mind that the extension cannot be ensured, but we will do our best to accommodate your need.

You can drop-off the vehicle earlier, and at the same condition you rent it, but you cannot get refund.

We will be delighted to welcome you to our big online community on Instagram under the name @drive-everywhere-corfu. There you can find our latest photos, our recommendation and connect with other people with common interests. Moreover, you can upload a photo or a story, during your holidays at corfu with one of our vehicles, on Instagram, and by tagging @drive-everywhere-corfu to be featured in our social network pages.

Driving skills are being tested and verified by the nominated authorities. In order to drive a vehicle, you have to carry the respective driving license. However, we would like to clarify that scooters, in general, are a friendly vehicle to drivers and thus easier to drive. However, it can turn into a dangerous vehicle when driving abnormally.  we always suggest to our guests to have plenty of experience of driving on two wheels before renting, as the stability skill can be challenging without prior use.

Receiving positive feedback makes our day and encourages us to keep trying for the best possible outcome. Describe your experience with us during your holidays on corfu island. Help also the other visitors to make the most out of their vacation. You can leave your positive comment on the below links: google

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We are here to help you with any issue you are facing, regarding your rental experience. You can fill the complaint form, or you can send us an email describing the issue in order to address it to the colleague in charge.

All vehicles are allowed to drive only on paved roads. Driving on the sand, at the beach, in dry lakes or off-road will result in penalties. Also, the company is fully authorised to cease a rental contract without prior notice and without refund, when the renter drives abnormally or when the driving is putting people’s life in danger or when there is improper use of the vehicle.

Year after year technology favours the workcations and especially currently this trend is more intense than ever before. Are you a workcationer? Take advantage now and rent from us the vehicle that will make your stay easy. Special prices and benefits are waiting for you. Send us an email at


Questionnaires are randomly sent to our customers for evaluation. We would appreciate your participation as it helps us to get better and improve our services